Etsy Introduces New Listing Pages and Labor Day Sale


Etsy announced two new initiatives this week. These announcements mark a continuing effort by effort to keep improving the platform for sellers.


Etsy was testing a new listing page design that would highlight reviews and policies more prominently.

The new information will show up below the item description and according to Etsy aims to improve buyer confidence.

In test results, the company found more shoppers were more likely to purchase from this new listing page and twice as likely to see the shipping information.

Also, the company looked at Google SEO and learned that placing the information and reviews on the listing page, instead of behind tabs, improved search rankings.

This new design is effective immediately on all desktop views. No changes are necessary, but Etsy suggests you may look at your descriptions if they run too long.

Shortening descriptions will provide a better presentation to a shopper, improve the visibility of policies, and maximize the buyer confidence factor Etsy is trying to build.

For Etsy sellers that use the shop policies template, they can also add a FAQ section. Adding the FAQ will also improve indexing on Google.


Etsy also added a new temporary labor day sale landing page, which the company is promoting on the site, social media and via emails.

This sale is the first time Etsy is attempting to include the new promotional tools it made available just recently.

Since Etsy is not running a wider marketing campaign at the moment, the results of this sale are going to depend on existing Etsy buyers.

Hopefully, this labor day sale is test. And the company will consider expanding future sales to include shoppers not familiar with Etsy.

That would be a departure from the previously stated hold on branding efforts, but considering the company did show a surprising profit last quarter, maybe there is a change of heart for the holiday season.

We love to hear your thoughts about these two initiatives by Etsy. Do you think they will increase sales? Let us know in the comments section below.

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