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Etsy Introduces New Seller Rewards Program ‘Share & Save’

Online marketplace Etsy announced today a new program called Share & Save that gives sellers a 4% discount on their Etsy bill for any order resulting from unique links they share promoting their shop or listings. The program applies to links shared on social media, text messages, emails, websites, and elsewhere.

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According to Etsy, Share & Save is intended to reward sellers for driving traffic and sales to their shops through marketing efforts they likely already undertake. The program is free to join and available to all Etsy sellers, with the Share & Save landing page being rolled out gradually throughout the day.

By sharing their unique links frequently on platforms like Instagram and in communications like holiday newsletters, sellers stand to accumulate substantial savings on fees, Etsy suggests. The company states that “with this program, we’re rewarding you for all the work you do to bring buyers to your shop.”

Share & Save arrives as Etsy continues developing new initiatives to support the millions of small business owners and entrepreneurs selling on its marketplace. For sellers looking to boost sales and lower fees, the program provides a new way to benefit from promoting their Etsy shops.

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