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Etsy Raising Fees in Three European Countries

Etsy is increasing fees in some European markets on 1 June 2023. This is not a general fee increase, as the one that really got sellers angry in 2022, but an increase in a supplemental fee called the ‘Regulatory Operating Fee.’ Etsy charges this fee in select markets to cover the costs of regulatory compliance.

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“Etsy introduced a Regulatory Operating fee after the cost of doing business in many countries increased with new regulations in those countries. The Regulatory Operating fee helps ensure we’re able to continue offering our services to sellers in these areas,” Etsy explains in its Handbook for Sellers.

The Regulatory Operating Fee applies to the item price and shipping costs (which may include expenses for gift wrapping and customization, if applicable) and will vary by the seller’s location. It was originally introduced in July 2021.

Fee increases will apply on 1 June in the following three countries:

  • United Kingdom change from 0.25% to 0.32%
  • France will change from 0.40% to 0.47%
  • Italy will change from 0.25% to 0.32%

The Regulatory Operating Fee in Spain will remain the same at 0.40% and in Turkey at 1.1%. No other countries are currently listed by Etsy where it adds this fee. VAT may be added, if applicable.

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