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Etsy has released a categories and item attributes update for March. The company occasionally updates categories and item attributes that enable sellers to classify their products better, making it easier for buyers to find the items they are looking for on the platform.

New Sneeze Guards & Partitions Category and Attributes

Etsy has added a new category for Sneeze Guards & Partitions under Home & Living > Office. Sellers can also add descriptive attributes to listings in these categories to clarify where the partitions are designed to be used. The new options for this attribute are Desk, Car, and Counter.

New Descriptive Jewelry Attributes

There are three new attributes for listings in the Jewelry category:

  1. Cut type, which sellers can use to describe the shape and cut of the stone used in a piece of jewelry, for example, round or emerald.
  2. Shank type, which can be used to describe the style of shank used on a ring.
  3. Etsy has added a Coordinates option to the Jewelry theme attribute. Sellers can add this to Jewelry items that feature geographic coordinates as part of the design.

The Etsy March category update is relatively minor, and sellers that may have missed previous updates can check out the full list of categories and sub-categories available on the Etsy Marketplace here. Sellers can also learn more about how best to use categories and attributes from the Etsy Seller Handbook.

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