Etsy Transparency Report

Today, Etsy has released their 2020 Transparency Report, where they look back at their policy enforcement over the past year. This report features a number of different policy areas including Intellectual Property, Prohibited Items, and Requests for Member Information policies. 

The Transparency Report from Etsy is something which they are passionate about to show their commitment to being a mindful, transparent, and trusted brand in the eCommerce space. This annual report is released to reinforce these values and help the Etsy community better understand how we’re working to keep our marketplace safe. 

The full Transparency Report for 2020 is available here and below we have included some highlights:

Etsy Transparency Report Highlights

  • Nearly 4 million flags regarding potentially noncompliant listings, a 400% increase in flags from 2019.
    • The most commonly flagged violations were: breaches of the Handmade Policy and the Intellectual Property Policy 
    • Etsy believes this substantial increase to be a result of its exponential growth over the last year.
  • A 58% increase in the number of intellectual property takedowns compared to 2019.
    • 66% of intellectual property takedowns were executed on accounts located in North America and Europe.
    • The increase again being attributed to the growth of Etsy over the past year.
  • Almost 15% of intellectual property takedown notices were due to insufficient information, incorrect information, or other noncompliance under Etsy’s policies.
    • This is roughly consistent with the same figures from 2019.
  • About .44% of orders placed in 2020 went through the Etsy Case System.
    • This is up from .37% in 2019.
    • This slight increase was driven by a surge in the case rate in April related to rapid growth in mask sales, carrier delays, and marketplace growth.
  • As we reported a few weeks ago Etsy is investing over $40 million to further expand its Trust & Safety Program.
    • This includes expanding content review teams, evolving policies, and target key categories, as well as introducing further product enhancements.

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