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Etsy to Sunset Old Seller App by May 23

Etsy is phasing out its old seller app, which will result in some sellers losing access this week, while others will still be able to use it until late May.

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The company didn’t specify which sellers would lose access now but said that as of May 23, 2023, the old app will no longer be available for download on both the App Store and Google Play.

Last summer, Etsy introduced its new Etsy Seller app. The new app was developed from scratch based on seller feedback to bring the most frequently used features into a new modern app – making it more convenient to manage an Etsy shop while on the go.

Here’s a recap of what’s currently available in the app:

  • Purchase and print shipping labels for domestic orders (U.S. only)
  • See who has shopped at your store before with the Repeat Buyer badge 
  • Access order details directly from a buyer message

Here’s a list of improvements Etsy has launched since last summer:

‘Home’ tab:

  • News & Activity feature, keeping sellers up-to-date with the latest developments in their shop.

‘Messages’ tab:

  • Create a custom listing directly from a message.

‘Listings’ tab:

  • Share listings directly to Pinterest, Instagram messages, and Facebook.
  • Select multiple photos at once to upload to listings.
  • Upload listing videos directly to listings and edit them.
  • Edit and add attributes to listings.

‘More’ tab:

  • Compare listing stats from the Stats page.
  • Turn on notifications when a buyer favorites an item.
  • See and respond to buyer reviews.
  • Enable Vacation Mode to inform customers that your store is temporarily unavailable, and you are away from your shop.

Etsy Seller App – More to Come

Here’s a list of improvements that Etsy is working on:

  • Editing and managing listing variations.
  • Manage shop announcements.
  • Share listings directly to Instagram Posts and Stories.

Sellers can stay informed about the availability of these updates (and others) in the new Etsy Seller app by regularly checking the Change Log provided here. To get started with the new Etsy Seller app, download the latest version for iPhone here or Android here.

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