Etsy highlights local sellers to promote sustainable shipping practices

Etsy Tests New Local Shipping Badge To Boost Sales and Promote Sustainability

Etsy has been currently piloting a new badge in the United States designed to highlight when an item is available for shipping from a location near the buyer.

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By reducing the shipping distance, this initiative aims to minimize the carbon footprint associated with the purchase, aligning with Etsy’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

How The Badge Works:

As part of this testing phase, the Local Shipping Badge will be displayed to U.S.-based buyers located within approximately 300 miles of the shop’s shipping origin or those in the same state.

The badge serves as a gentle nudge on the listing page, informing potential buyers about the possibility of lower carbon emissions if they choose to purchase the item.

Eligibility for the Local Shipping Badge is determined based on two factors:

  1. Reduced Shipping Distance: Local shipments significantly reduce the overall travel distance from Etsy’s global baseline, contributing to a greener shipping process.
  2. Lower Emissions Transportation: Items qualifying for the badge are more likely to be shipped through ground services, which are known for their lower emissions compared to alternative transportation methods.

Etsy Shipping Badge Shows Promising Results

Etsy is excited to share that preliminary findings indicate the Local Shipping Badge serves as a powerful motivator for buyers.

Data reveals that the badge has led to increased engagement, with a higher rate of buyers adding items to their carts and successfully completing orders.

As a truly global marketplace, Etsy remains dedicated to fostering connections between buyers and sellers from all corners of the world sustainably.

Building on this success, the company plans to explore similar badge implementations in international markets in the near future.

Etsy confirmed that buyers located farther away from a shop will not encounter any messaging that discourages them from making a purchase based on the seller’s location. Apparently, this had been one of the primary concerns sellers had voiced to the company at the start of the pilot.

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