Etsy UK Sellers Can Now Purchase Evri Labels Directly on The Marketplace Platform

Etsy Sellers in the UK Can Now Purchase Evri Labels Directly

Etsy announced that sellers in the UK can now purchase Evri shipping labels directly on the platform, presenting an expanded range of options to fulfill their shipping requirements.

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The introduction of Evri labels empowers UK sellers to conveniently ship both domestic and international orders, complete with tracking capabilities.

What sets this new integration apart is the seamless integration with Etsy, as the platform automatically populates customers’ details and dispatches tracking information. This streamlined approach aims to optimize the shipping process for sellers and enhance customer satisfaction.

Evri offers a variety of domestic delivery options, including next-day delivery, standard delivery, and click and collect. It also offers a range of tracking and delivery notifications to keep customers up-to-date on their orders.

For those who are already purchasing shipping labels on Etsy, accessing and purchasing Evri labels is a hassle-free experience, and they can begin doing so immediately.

Sellers who have yet to set up their label purchasing capabilities need not worry, as the process is straightforward and easily initiated through the Orders & Shipping page in their Shop Manager.

By offering Evri shipping labels, Etsy demonstrates its commitment to supporting UK sellers and facilitating smoother operations for their shops.

This is just one of many improvements that the platform has implemented, emphasizing their dedication to enhancing the seller experience in the UK.

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  1. If you’re a seller that ships via Evri, I’ll take my business elsewhere. If you refuse to disclose what courier you’re going to use, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

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