Etsy Platform Update Adds Global Pricing and New Categories

Etsy released a platform update enabling global pricing for sellers that offer products in their home country as well as internationally. And there is a new update for Indian-based sellers with new categories and one attribution removal.

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Here are the details of these two updates.

Domestic & Global Pricing

Domestic & global pricing makes it possible for sellers to set one price for domestic sales and a different price for international sales.

This update can help sellers cover the high cost of Canadian shipping, UK VAT, and more.

In addition, sellers can offer free shipping to domestic & global buyers by offering different pricing based on their location.

There are some restrictions on using global pricing.

  • Sellers can only choose one domestic price and one global price. Currently, there is no way for a seller to offer different pricing between countries or regions. At the moment, Etsy is running a survey to evaluate the interest by sellers to offer more flexible global pricing. Interested sellers can click here to complete the survey.
  • At the moment, sellers cannot bulk edit orders, but Etsy said they are working on providing that feature.
  • And roll out is limited to export-focused countries. What this exactly means is a bit vague. The company didn’t provide details which countries it considers export focused countries, but presumably that is the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and many European countries.

This domestic and global pricing is an interesting idea. While Etsy says it is conducting a survey on seller interest to offer more flexibility in pricing based on country or region, it seems that should be a no-brainer.

For example, shipments between the US and Canada are much cheaper than to countries in Africa, Asia or parts of Europe. As Etsy pointed out, this global pricing scheme enables sellers to account for the new VAT requirements for Europe.

But there is a lot of promise in this idea and something that could develop into a very useful option for sellers that want to expand internationally.

Additional information on how to add Domestic and Global Pricing is available in the Etsy Help Center here.

Etsy Categories and Attributes Updates (India Only)

Etsy added new categories to support the growing seller community in India. The company is automatically moving some relevant listings to these new categories to make them easier for shoppers to find.

Relevant listings will automatically be moved into these new categories, but sellers can always update their listings afterward if they believe Etsy picked the incorrect category.

New categories in Spirituality & Religion

New categories are now available for Singing Bowls, Gongs, Home Temples & Shrines, Deity Throne & Swings, Prayer Wheels, Torans, Chowkis, Puja Pots, and Prayer Flags.

New categories and attributes in Jewelry

New categories were added for Rani Haar, Mangalsutras, Kaan Chains, Churas, Kalgi, Kaleeras, Rakhis, and Kadas. We’ve also added new options for the Technique attribute including Embossed, Enameled, Filigree, Inlay, Jadau, Kundan, Meenakari, and Polki.

New categories in Accessories

Etsy added categories for Gajras, Passas, Latkans, and Safas.

New categories and attributes in Clothing

New categories are now available for Saree Blouses & Cholis and Jodhpuri Suits. They’ve also added new options you can use to describe the Fabric Technique used on an item of clothing including Banarasi, Chanderi, and Patola.

New categories in Shoes

Etsy added categories for Women’s Juttis & Mojaris and Men’s Juttis & Mojaris.

Etsy Sitewide Category Updates

New category in Books

A new category is now available for Book Stands.

New category in Music & Movies

A new category was added for Dhol Drums.

New categories in Home & Living

New categories are now available for Chopsticks, Cheese & Charcuterie Boards, Room Dividers, Fireplace Screens, Water Pots, Key Holders & Key Hooks, Door Knobs, Indoor Fountains, Outdoor Fountains, and Spice Boxes.

Removed Poppy as a Flower Type attribute

Etsy removed Poppy as an attribute option for listings in Wreaths, Floral Arrangements, Dried Flower Arrangements, and Dried Flower. Items made with Poppy flowers cannot be sold on the marketplace.

The last Etsy update to categories and attributes was in July.

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