Etsy Update Enables Sellers to Add Different Images to Listing Variations

Etsy announced this week they have added the ability for sellers to add images for each listing variation.

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This feature is standard for many ecommerce sites that sell products with different colors, sizes, quantities, and materials.

Etsy sellers can finally add a specific variation to each image so that shoppers can visually see the differences of each variation.

This is is especially useful for sellers that list products with different color variations because instead of generic terms such as black, white, red, blue, etc. shoppers see an image with the product in the actual color.

By adding images for variations sellers will have to answer fewer questions about the details of each variation and shoppers will also know they have picked the right variation of the product.

What shoppers will see on Etsy

When a shopper makes a selection from the variations drop-down and chooses an option that has a linked photo, they’ll see the photo for their choice on the listing page.

The matched image will be present all the way through checkout, reinforcing the shopper has picked the right item.

How it works

Any photo uploaded by the seller to their listing can link with any of the variations of a listing.

While editing the listing, sellers just go to their variations section and click “Link Photos,” then pick the right image for the listing.

If a seller wants to upload a new image of one of their variation options, they must add that to the listing first and then link it to the variation. Sellers can only link photos that are uploaded to a listing.

Etsy caps the number of images per listing to 10 and the marketplace recommends images should be at least 2000 pixels wide.

Here are sections from the Etsy handbook that explain variations and images in more detail:

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