Etsy Streamlines Process for Sellers To Meet Global Regulatory Requirements

Etsy has explained a procedural adjustment in managing seller information, aligning its practices with international regulations such as the EU Omnibus, the US INFORM Act, and the EU Digital Services Act.

While the core principle of displaying seller information remains intact, the platform emphasizes a minimally invasive yet compliant approach.

Simplifying Seller Information Management

A notable change revolves around the management of seller information. Previously, sellers were prompted to add their contact details within the Seller details section, under Shop Policies. Moving forward, this practice is being phased out to consolidate information management within the ‘Legal and Tax’ page.

Sellers will maintain and update their information there, which Etsy may subsequently display to buyers as required by various regulations.

Distinctions Between Traders and Business Types

Sellers are still required to identify their trading status and the type of seller they represent – be it a Business or an Individual.

This identification plays a crucial role in determining which specific pieces of information are displayed to potential buyers, ensuring adherence to relevant regulatory requirements.

Etsy Messaging

Etsy also continues to utilize Etsy Messages as the principal channel of communication between sellers and buyers, encouraging the use of this platform for all necessary correspondences.

Furthermore, buyers will continue to have access to pertinent seller information, including the seller’s email address and full business address (provided it is not identical to their primary residential address), which will be displayed on order receipts.

Ongoing Updates and Support

Acknowledging the potential for the potential of more updates, the marketplace encourages users to visit its Help Center and Policy pages frequently.

Etsy will update these resources as required to maintain transparency and ensure sellers and buyers alike have access to the most current and relevant information.

However, should sellers have specific questions or require further clarity on how these changes might directly impact their account, Etsy recommends reaching out directly to them through their Help Center for additional support.

The Regulatory Experience team at Etsy continuously works on evaluating and implementing strategies to make regulatory compliance straightforward and efficient for sellers, keeping them in line with both local and global commerce regulations.

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