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Get Your Etsy Shop in Shape for 2023 at EtsyUp on May 18

Etsy is a place where creativity flourishes thanks to the sellers who power it, and the company is thrilled to offer a glimpse into its plans to enhance your Etsy experience in 2023.

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There are three critical aspects the Etsy team wants sellers to focus on in 2023 to help them get their Shop in shape. And Etsy is inviting sellers to join them for a special one-day FREE seller conference on May 18, called EtsyUp.

Etsy’s Focus Areas for 2023

  1. Helping you get discovered by more buyers, more frequently, is a big priority for the team at Etsy. Etsy is the only platform that connects you with customers who truly appreciate your offerings. Currently, Etsy is developing fresh approaches to boosting your shop’s traffic by helping shoppers discover your inventory.
  2. Etsy aims to enhance the tools and resources that assist you in running your business with solutions tailored to your needs. The Etsy team is dedicated to enhancing the tools you adore and upgrading the fundamental tools that you use daily to make managing your shop an effortless task.
  3. The remarkable community of sellers on Etsy is unparalleled. Etsy believes that your dedication and creativity deserve recognition, and it is thrilled to announce some exciting ways in which they plan to achieve that goal in 2023.

EtsyUp Seller Conference May 18

With these key items in mind, the EtsyUp seller conference is scheduled for Thursday, May 18 at 1 pm ET.

This FREE virtual event will provide valuable insights on how to expand your audience (and sales) by establishing significant connections with your customers.

The Etsy team will cover content strategy, trends, marketing, Etsy search, and much more. Sellers will also be able to chat live with other sellers exchanging ideas and stories.

Currently, speakers scheduled for EtsyUp include:

  • Raina Moskowitz, Chief Operating Offers, Etsy
  • Malik Ducard, Chief Content Officer, Pinterest
  • Dayna Ison Johnson, Trend Expert, Etsy
  • Ratish, Naroor, Head of Google SEO, Etsy
  • Isabella Diaz, Community Manager, Etsy
  • Tida Sroivattana, Social Media Manager, Etsy
  • Catherine Kay, Seller on Etsy
  • Kirstie Wang, Seller on Etsy
  • Flora Blathwayt, Seller on Etsy
  • Johnathan Dorthe, Seller on Etsy

Furthermore, registered attendees will receive exclusive perks and prizes, including a chance to win a $1,000 Etsy Gift Card or $500 in Etsy Ads credits.

To register today, head over to the dedicated EtsyUp website, and mark your calendar for May 18, 2023.

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