Facebook F8 Developer Conference Highlights
Facebook F8 Developer Conference Highlights

F8 Facebook developer conference starts today


Facebook F8 is a 2-day annual developer conference starts today at 1 pm EST in San Jose. It’s mostly a nerdy affair but with real world implications due to the sheer size of Facebook.

This annual gathering of developers who create integrations with Facebook has largely been unnoticed by smaller online retailers.

But maybe it’s time to pay a little attention.

Last year, Facebook announced bot features enhancing their Messenger platform. They believe Messenger bots will become a part of eCommerce and customer support.

While the roll-out of the Messenger bots was a bit shaky with many bots not particularly useful, Facebook isn’t giving up on the technology.

At this year’s F8, Facebook is offering workshops to demonstrate, discuss and teach how to effectively use bots in a business environment.

Since bots utilize machine learning to become smarter, there are also workshops planned to deal with AI and foreign language translation.

This year, the focus will likely be about blending the physical world with the digital world. Facebook is expected to announce more information about their vision for Virtual Reality (VR).

This isn’t just about rudimentary VR and real-world augmentation with visual digital assets that provide Snapchat like features.

Facebook’s real future is in business applications and incorporating their platform into everyday business functions including eCommerce, advertising, promotions, and meetings.


VR has been a buzz word around the gaming industry. You have likely heard about VR projects for game consoles and smartphones.

But VR is likely to have a dominant future in eCommerce.

Imagine making your eCommerce store is a virtual store. Customers could enter your store and shop in it as they would in a brick and mortar store.

Individual products could have 3D VR tours and demonstrations.

Marketplaces like eBay and Amazon may offer departments for shoppers to enter. Your products would display alongside others in a VR world as they are now offered in a flat 2D world.


There’s not been much talk about this possibility. But why not?

Creating a new marketplace on “old” 2D flat screen technology may be not that interesting. But what if Facebook launched a VR-based marketplace?

That could be groundbreaking and interesting. It certainly would differentiate Facebook from others like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon.


Facebook has made no secret of wanting to become a larger player in global eCommerce. They have already embraced more business features to continue to monetize the platform.

With over 1.8 billion users worldwide and growing, it’s a virtual competitor to the open internet.

Basically, Facebook is a marketers dream. It’s more information about potential customers than any other database. And it’s ripe for target marketing.

Facebook has only scratched the surface in offering this data to businesses. Unique and interesting integrations will allow more entrepreneurs to take advantage of target marketing.

If you want to keep up with Facebook’s F8 developer conference, you can go directly to the conference page and even watch live online.

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