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Facebook native video is crushing the competition


When one thinks of internet video, the first site that comes to mind is YouTube. Many online retailers have used YouTube for years to create unique content.

But a recent study has thrown some cold water on the perceived dominance of YouTube by marketers.

Quintly, a social media analytics platform, recently completed a study of 167,000 profiles on Facebook to compare the sourcing of video content in posts.

Of the profiles examined, nearly 47 percent use some kind of video in their Facebook campaigns. The study looked at all sources of video, including live Facebook video.

Just this morning we reported on new tools available for live Facebook broadcasts for marketers. This study was completed with the comparatively simple Facebook mobile app.

The study was based on 6,002,726 Facebook posts that utilized video in some form. An incredible 5,070,593 posts used the Facebook native video format!

Just a tick over 15% of all video on Facebook is from other sources. But even more important to marketers are some additional engagement metrics Quintly found.


In December 2016, Facebook native videos reached a study high 186% higher interaction rate versus YouTube alone. The average interaction rate between Facebook native videos and YouTube for the study period was 109.67% in favor of Facebook.

Also in December, shares of Facebook native videos soared to 1051.41% versus YouTube. For the same study period Facebook native video shares well outperformed YouTube by 477.76%.

And in the largest profile groups on Facebook, the usage of Facebook native video dramatically increased in the study period by 35.39%.

Of course December metrics may represent a seasonal anomaly as this study does not differentiate types of groups such as personal groups vs commercial (eCommerce) groups.

It is reasonable to assume the huge uptick in December is due to more personal videos being posted with friends and family attending holiday related events and parties.

However, we cannot discount the power of Facebook native video over just one month. The metrics clearly show a large increase in Facebook native video use during the entire study period.

Facebook is taking video very seriously. The cloning of Snapchat features and the introduction of higher quality live video streaming from desktop computers are all signs that Facebook is defending its dominance in social media.

Online retailers cannot ignore the power of video and the power of Facebook native video. Even a small change of process such as posting (not linking) videos on YouTube and Facebook can make a difference.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this especially if you have turned to Facebook native videos for product or service demonstrations.

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