Amazon Fake Delivery Van

Last week a video surfaced on the internet which showed a man dressed in all red loading barriers and barricades into the back of an ‘Amazon Prime’ van.

These barricades were part of the ‘Open Streets’ program that New York is running to enable more space for social distancing and exercising after the pandemic. The Open Streets Community Coalition then took to Twitter to announce that this section would be suspended due to the theft of every barrier.

Fortunately an onlooker for the street affected managed to catch the theft on camera which is when it discovered they were using what looked like an Amazon Prime van. You can see the video below.

Amazon Confirm The Delivery Van is a Fake

Upon seeing the footage the NYPD reached out to Amazon to assist in their investigation as to what had occurred. Many first speculated that this was infact the actions of a disgruntled delivery driver annoyed at a road being blocked and moving barriers for his van to get through.

It later came to light that someone approached the man in red and asked what he was doing and he replied that he had been instructed to return the barriers by city officials. Which has also turned out to be false.

Amazon responded with the following statement:

“The vehicle in the video is a counterfeit vehicle and we’re actively working with the NYPD as they investigate the incident,”

Jenna Hilzenrath, Operations PR, Amazon

This brings about a worrying issue for Amazon customers. Seeing the Amazon Prime vans around the city have become as common as UPS or FedEx vans in major cities. Now there is evidence that there are fake Amazon vans, it could lead to trust issues with delivery drivers and if they are genuine.

This becomes even more concerning now that Amazon are rolling out their own installation service. They will need to ensure that customers are provided with correct information and drivers have matching credentials.

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