FedEx Celebrating 50 Years

FedEx Celebrates 50 Years

50 years ago, FedEx launched a new industry that transformed the world, marking the company’s first fully operational night and Founder Frederick W. Smith’s first step towards realizing his vision of connecting the globe.

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Today, with over 220 countries and territories connected and over 530,000 employees, FedEx is celebrating its 50th anniversary by commemorating its innovative culture and community service commitment.

The company is marking this milestone with a day full of volunteer opportunities and global events, including lighting landmarks and airports in orange and purple, as well as inviting front-line team members to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

“It is an honor and a privilege to work with such an innovator like Fred Smith who guided us to where we are today,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Raj Subramaniam.

“Today is a celebration of our dedicated team members who are committed to our Purple Promise of making every FedEx experience outstanding — now and for the next 50 years.”

FedEx is also celebrating its small business customers through a portrait series collaboration with Annie Leibovitz, showcasing three small businesses that exemplify the innovative and inclusive brand.

As the company continues to plan for the future, it recently announced plans to bring its operating companies together as one FedEx.

Additionally, in honor of Frederick W. Smith’s legacy, FedEx is creating the Founder’s Fund, a philanthropic endowment committing $2 million to support innovative veteran entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations chosen by team members for their exceptional volunteer engagement.

FedEx Anniversary Celebrations

FedEx employees worldwide are coming together to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary and the end of the 50 Days of Caring initiative by volunteering their time and donating items to agencies in need in their local communities.

Building homes for those in need in Hungary and making special deliveries to children in Italy are just a few examples of the company’s commitment to giving back.

Recently, FedEx announced that it had surpassed its goal of helping 50 million people through its FedEx Cares 50 by 50 program in honor of its 50th birthday.

As a gesture of gratitude, approximately 60 front-line FedEx team members were invited to participate in the opening bell ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange on April 17th.

Furthermore, cities around the world, from Memphis, Tennessee, to Kuala Lumpur, are lighting up landmarks and airports in orange and purple to commemorate this significant milestone for FedEx.

Celebrating Small Businesses

FedEx collaborated with Annie Leibovitz to release a portrait series last week, called “Driving Passions,” which aims to showcase and promote its small business customers.

The series highlights the power and potential of FedEx by featuring three small businesses that represent the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, and success stories.

“We’re proud of our story of connecting the world – and we know our customers are proud of their stories, too,” added Brie Carere, Chief Customer Officer of FedEx Corp.

“This series lifts up passionate entrepreneurs who are changing the world – and how FedEx enables small businesses to start small and grow through innovation.”

The three small businesses featured in the portrait series were Unlimited Tomorrow, Terra Beauty Bars, and Ginjan Bros. These businesses were chosen to represent the modern FedEx brand as a symbol of inclusivity, innovation, and intelligence.

Celebrating What’s Next

FedEx has announced its plan to consolidate its operating companies into one unified brand, as it looks ahead to what’s next in the industry.

To mark its 50th anniversary and its commitment to social responsibility, the company has also established the Founder’s Fund, a philanthropic endowment that recognizes the legacy of its founder, Frederick W. Smith, as a business leader and catalyst for change around the world.

The fund is kickstarted with a $2 million commitment from FedEx Cares and will provide support to innovative veteran entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations chosen by team members for their outstanding volunteer engagement on an annual basis.

“Today is a huge milestone in the history of our company and I am immensely proud to share it with our team members across the world as we deliver what’s next,” added Subramaniam.

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