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FedEx Launches Tool For Customers To Track Carbon Emissions

FedEx is leveraging scan data from its global logistics network to amplify customer accessibility to emissions information through the U.S. introduction of a groundbreaking tool called FedEx Sustainability Insights.

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FedEx Dataworks developed this innovative cloud-based engine that harnesses near-real-time data from the FedEx network to estimate CO2e emissions. This cutting-edge tool enables users to access emissions data for individual tracking numbers and accounts.

By logging into their free account, users can explore historical emissions information by account and search for specific tracking numbers.

The tool presents data in multiple metrics, including transport mode, service type, and country or territory, encompassing eligible shipments from FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Freight.

FedEx Sustainability Insights introduces a powerful framework for ecommerce customers, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive suite of tools.

Leveraging an application programming interface (API), customers can seamlessly transfer their historical and predictive emissions data to their internal systems.

Powered by machine learning, the predictive API capabilities empower customers to enhance their supply chain management, elevate operational compliance, and seamlessly integrate emissions estimates into their customers’ shopping carts. This integration enables a more sustainable and informed shopping experience.

“We’ve heard from our shippers that they need more data on their shipping footprint as consumers increasingly weigh sustainability as a factor in purchasing decisions,” said Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Brie Carere.

“Through innovations like FedEx Sustainability Insights, FedEx is empowering customers to access the information they need as part of our mutual pursuit of a more sustainable future.”

In alignment with FedEx Corp.’s commitment to reducing emissions and achieving global carbon-neutral operations by 2040, these new offerings complement the company’s ongoing efforts.

FedEx Sustainability Insights plays a vital role in supporting this ambitious goal by offering valuable insights and predictive modeling to identify opportunities for enhancing network efficiency.

By optimizing its operations, FedEx aims to achieve carbon neutrality by focusing on key areas such as the electrification of pickup and delivery vehicles worldwide, the implementation of more efficient facilities, fuels, and fleets, as well as investments in natural carbon capture.

These strategic initiatives contribute to FedEx’s overarching sustainability objectives.

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