Global trade is in the news almost on a daily basis as the Trump administration attempts to make changes to U.S. trade policies it feels have negatively affected U.S. businesses.

Even in Europe, talks about how to finalize BREXIT, the exit of the UK from the European Union, is riddled with trying to solve difficult trade issues between the UK and the EU.

While the focus appears to be on broad industries and many folks believe this impacts large corporations only, in fact, often small companies are caught in the middle of these trade discussions.

FedEx released an infographic that shows how small business leaders look at global trade as the future of their business and why it is important for policy makers to consider the impact on micro and small businesses owners.

Certainly, FedEx has a vested interested in expanding global trade, but many small sellers export products from their listings on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or ship products around the globe from their own websites.

And in the case of China, many small businesses now directly source products from China to compete with larger online retailers in the U.S.

The FedEx Survey

In a survey commissioned by FedEx and conducted by Morning Consult, 1,000 small business leaders were asked about their view on global trade and the impact on their business and the economy.

A majority of U.S. small business leaders (82 percent) see increasing U.S. trade as beneficial to the U.S. economy, up from 76 percent earlier this year.

Two out of the three also say the U.S. risks falling behind if not included in trade agreements.

Especially the trade war with China worries small business leaders as 67 percent are concerned it may impact their business as it will result in higher prices to consumers.

And 81 percent of those surveyed feel that global trade is beneficial for small business opportunities and jobs in the U.S.


Source: FedEx

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