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FedEx Introduces 13 e-Cargo Bikes to Three More UK Cities Towards Journey to Achieve Zero Emissions Delivery

FedEx Express has added 13 e-cargo bikes to its fleet of pickup and delivery vehicles in three UK cities, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Cambridge, to promote livability in dense urban areas as demand for deliveries continues to rise from eCommerce.

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  • Introducing e-cargo bikes in urban centers is a way for FedEx to make an immediate impact on reducing the company’s carbon emissions.
  • In London, FedEx has used e-cargo bikes to replace diesel vehicles in emission-restricted areas.
  • E-cargo bikes are not just environmentally friendly, but they also reduce congestion and noise.
  • Another big benefit for bike couriers is that they can use existing road infrastructure such as bicycle and bus lanes, and use curbside parking more easily than typical delivery vans.
  • By 2040, the company plans to achieve carbon-neutral operations globally, and electrifying its fleet of delivery and pickup vehicles is a key part of its sustainability strategy.
  • FedEx has already set a global target for 50% of newly purchased vehicles to be electric by 2025, with a goal of all new vehicle purchases being electric by 2030.

FedEx Quote

“Electric cargo bikes will fulfill a sustainable last-mile delivery solution for customers in and around Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cambridge City Centers. Earlier FedEx pilots in the cities made the case for transitioning to two wheels, proving an effective alternative to vans thanks to their ability to take shorter, faster routes. We see real potential for e-cargo bikes to complement and work alongside our motorized vehicle fleet as we strive to make zero-emissions deliveries our standard.”

Alun Cornish, FedEx operations managing director in Europe

The full FedEx press release introducing the new e-cargo bikes in the UK is available here.

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