FedEx Offering $25,000 Grand Prize Grant for Small Business

Could your small business use $25,000 or any of the other Grants and prizes being offered by Fedex in this contest?

We know that was a stupid question, so here is your chance to enter this contest and add some valuable cash and resources to your business.

And it will only take you a little time by answering 3 simple questions:

  1. Give Fedex your elevator pitch (tell them what you do, what you sell, the service you offer…)
  2. Tell Fedex about your business, what inspired you to get into it, what makes your business stand out and what difference it makes on you, your community or the environment.
  3. How would you use the FedEx Small Business Grant money to make a significant impact on your business?

The narrative responses of your entry must be no more than 1140 characters in length (maximum of 140 characters for the elevator pitch and 500 characters per each additional response, sections 2 and 3)

You also need 1 digital logo and 3 business (or product) related pictures that support your narrative.

And finally, we strongly suggest, while not necessary, to create a YouTube video up to 90 seconds long that is your “elevator pitch” when you enter this contest.

There is some other legal business information you need to add to your entry all detailed in the source link below.

Once your entry is accepted by FedEx, get your vendors, customers, employees, friends, friends of friends, strangers on the street, and of course family to encourage to vote on your entry.

While votes are not the only criteria to winning, they can be instrumental to get the message to FedEx that you are worthy of their consideration.

What do you have to loose? And just in case you don’t think it is worth it, check this video from other entrepreneurs that benefited greatly from winning this contest.

Hurry up to get your entry into Fedex, you have until March 29, 2017 to get it done.

Finally, when you have entered, let us know below of your entry and we can help you get some of those all important votes 🙂

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