On Monday, September 3, FedEx will kick in some changes to overweight and oversized packages that may impact some online retailers.

Sellers should double check their product dimensions against the price increase this week to avoid costly surprises on shipping charges during the long labor day weekend.

Ground Unauthorized Package Charge

The Ground Unauthorized Package Charge will increase from $300 a package to $675. An Unauthorized Package Surcharge will apply if a package is:

  • more than 108 inches long
  • more than 165 inches in length and width or depth combined
  • more than 150 pounds

FedEx reserves the right to return the shipment to the seller if a package exceeds these measurements.

Also, during the peak holiday season, an additional $150 surcharge will be added to the $675 Ground Unauthorized Package Charge.

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Additional Handling Surcharge

The Additional Handling Surcharge will increase from $12 per package to $20 for U.S. express services, U.S. and international ground services, and international express package services.

The Additional Handling Surcharge will apply if a package:

  • longer than 48 inches on its longest side
  • longer than 30 inches on its second-longest side
  • weighs more than 70 pounds
  • packaged improperly

And here again, there will be a surcharge to the Additional Handling Surcharge during the peak holiday season with FedEx adding an additional $3.30 per package during that period.

Oversize Charge

Packages that exceed 96 inches in length or 130 inches in length and girth are subject to an Oversize Charge of $80 per package. During the peak holiday season, this charge will increase by $27.50 per package.

Most of these surcharges put FedEx inline with surcharges imposed by UPS on their customers earlier in the year.

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