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Feedvisor receives US patent for its AI powered repricing platform

Feedvisor, an “AI-first” optimization and intelligence platform for large sellers and brands on Amazon, announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued the grant of US Patent #10,332,139 for the company’s competitive pricing algorithm.

The patent, titled “Dynamic Repricing of Items on Electronic Marketplaces and/or Online Stores,” solidifies Feedvisor as the industry-leading platform for major brands and large sellers eager to accelerate sales and profits and remain competitive in an Amazon-led ecommerce ecosystem.

Feedvisor’s patented technology analyzes Amazon’s data streams to fuel automatic, real-time price optimizations based on the dynamic, hyper-competitive marketplace landscape.

By taking a holistic view of the many variables that influence success on Amazon — from competitor pricing and fulfillment method to customer reviews, seller rankings, and more — Feedvisor provides actionable recommendations that improve overall business performance.

“Our patented technology learns and adapts to the myriad of unseen forces behind Amazon’s algorithm. By taking the guesswork out of selling on Amazon, we can enable any retailer or brand to find success on the platform.”

Victor Rosenman, CEO, Feedvisor

Feedvisor’s State of the Amazon Marketplace 2019 report found that 90% of sellers leveraging price optimization technology find it helpful, and 94% find their account health score to be above average compared to their competitors.

Unlike other repricers, Feedvisor’s algorithm can be customized to fit the unique business goals of each retailer or brand, including profit maximization, inventory liquidation, product launches, and brand awareness.

“Our team is fiercely committed to creating innovative solutions that help brands and retailers maximize performance and stay one step ahead of the competition. Selling on Amazon is complex and ever-changing, but with Feedvisor’s patented technology and unmatched expertise, brands and retailers do not have to do it alone.”

Dani Nadel, President and Chief Operating Officer, Feedvisor

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  1. We have used a couple of repricers on Amazon in the past and would not be without them when it comes to selling competitive top selling items. We are aware that our competition uses them and therefore as they are using software against us, we need to use it simply to fight back. Amazon have a built in re-pricer but would you trust it? That would be like giving the fox the key to the chicken coop! For your own branded items you do not need a re-pricer as no one else should be selling on the same item page. I would say price contributes to 90% of winning the buy box factor so if you are having to compete for buy box share then use a re-pricer. The issue with Feedvisor is the price, very expensive with a fixed monthly cost plus SaaS commission.

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