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Finland Has eCommerce That is Breaking All Records

eCommerce is growing, and there is no doubt about that. With the internet, smartphones and wifi, eCommerce will only continue to grow as more people find it more convenient. Perhaps there is no better proof of this growth than in Finland. There, eCommerce has been growing rapidly and has been breaking many records.

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Orders from online stores have increased there by 8.2% in the last quarter. That is up from the same period in 2016. Sales have also increased by 9.4% in the same period. This shows that eCommerce has been thriving well in that country. It will continue to do so, as the eCommerce index has gained by 8.7%.

eCommerce booms in Finland

To show how much eCommerce has grown, the Finnish postal office has delivered more than 37 million packages last year. Granted, not all of those might be derived from eCommerce, but that increase surely takes into account the contribution eCommerce has to that. This is despite pressure from foreign online retailers.

“We have worryingly followed the entry of Chinese web shops in Finland, but now it seems eCommerce in Finland has followed the growth rate really well since the statistics from Posti also includes the increased volumes of parcels from foreign web shops,” Markku Korkiakoski, Vilkas Group, CEO.

The Vilkas Group is an eCommerce solutions provider in Finland.

Finland flag

The entry of foreign online retailers into the country has added much to the growth of eCommerce there.

These online retailers are providing much competition on Finnish shops through their aggressive pricing schemes. In turn, this has made the Finnish eCommerce industry even more lively.

The coming years can only be better for eCommerce in the Scandinavian region as it continues to grow and more people are shopping online. What other countries might have the same eCommerce growth this 2018? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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