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Flubit is Now The Largest UK Based Open Marketplace

You may have heard of the Flubit marketplace or you may not, but here at eSeller365, we think you are going to hear an awful lot more about Flubit in the near future.

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Flubit is by no means new to the world of eCommerce as they have been operating in the UK for over 5 years already.

You would tell Flubit what it was you wanted to buy and provide a link from Amazon.

Then they would come back to you with a tailored offer and a better price than the one you had found.

This means that over the last 5 years Flubit has been steadily growing not only a loyal user base of buyers who love their platform but also a 60 million product-strong database made up of over 1,500 sellers.

Launched in 2011, Flubit has so far managed to save its customers in excess of £2 million on over 88,000 big-name brands in a range of verticals.

Flubit – The Move to an Open eCommerce Marketplace!

On Wednesday, Flubit took a significant step forward in their business as they announced a further round of funding to the tune of $20 million

This along with the announcement that they were now launching as a truly open marketplace to compete with eBay and Amazon.

That means from today you can head over to Flubit.com and search through thousands of listings just like you would any other marketplace.

This replaces their traditional method of requiring a buyer to create a demand for the product they are looking for.

At the time of launch, around 20% of Flubit’s online catalog will be available to buy immediately.

The rest of their product catalog will be added over the next coming eight weeks.

This marks an exciting time for UK marketplaces as with the right marketing Flubit could become a genuine competitor.

We think this is a great thing for eCommerce to see a marketplace doing its best to compete with the might of Amazon.

Who knows before long Flubit might make the move to become a global marketplace.

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