Foodora Couriers in Toronto to Unionize


Foodora’s delivery cyclists and drivers are joining forces with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) to end their ordeal at work.

Aside from getting paid less than they should, considering their vulnerability while on the job, the food couriers of the international, app-based company say they don’t receive any labor protections like paid sick leave.

Foodora classifies its couriers as independent contractors, and hence aren’t eligible for any benefits which the company’s regular employees are entitled to like paid vacation and sick leave. The irony is that the company controls the couriers’ work and even imposes disciplinary measures.

“What we want is simple and achievable. We work in some of the most dangerous conditions in the city. Many of us have been injured on the job. All we want is to be respected as workers and paid fairly by this profitable company.” – Hunter Sanassian, Bike Courier

Foodora provides restaurant delivery services throughout Canada, with Toronto being its largest market. It charges restaurants 30% per order but only pays its couriers $4.50 for each order, plus $1 per kilometer traveled from a restaurant to a customer’s doorstep.

“As the gig economy grows we are seeing workers who are entirely unprotected. Now is the time to win rights and protections for these workers. The campaign to unionize Foodora couriers will set important precedents for labour rights. Couriers are not machines and they deserve to feel safe and respected at work.” – Mike Palecek, National President, CUPW

Foodora’s official statement

“At Foodora, we care about the well-being of our riders, which is why we offer an inclusive WSIB (or provincial equivalent) package and have an open-door policy at our office in Toronto, where our team and fleet supervisor are always there to assist the contractors where we can. Internally, rider satisfaction is a top priority and we’re proud that the average earnings across the country last month were a competitive rate of $21/hour.

“We’ve been working on a project with our global team where we’ll regularly collect feedback from new and existing riders across Canada, with the goal of maintaining a high level of satisfaction. The initiative is scheduled to roll out later this month.”

With the number of online food delivery providers springing up like mushrooms, Foodora can easily lose its grip on the market if it fails to fix its problem with its couriers.

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