Former USPS Worker exposes job on tiktok

Former USPS Worker Posts TikTok Videos Exposing The Job “Cons Outweigh The Pros”


A former United States Postal Service (USPS) worker has spoken out about the negative aspects of working for the organization, claiming that they outweigh the positives.

The former employee took to their TikTok account and in a video that has since gone viral amassing a huge 1.5 million views he explains how he wants to shed light on what working for USPS is really like. While they acknowledged that there were some benefits to the job, such as good pay and benefits, they ultimately felt that the downsides made it not worth it.

You can see the first of many USPS-related videos below:

TikTok Account: @thisiscls

Not Great Press For USPS

One of the main issues the former worker highlighted was the high level of stress associated with the job. They described a fast-paced work environment that required them to be constantly on the move, sorting and delivering mail. The pressure to meet delivery quotas and deadlines, combined with the physical demands of the job, took a toll on their mental and physical health.

One commenter on the TikTok video shared the following:

“35 years as a carrier. Body breaks down. High divorce rate. Good retirement if you plan it right,” – TikTok User.

The former worker also criticized USPS management, saying that they often didn’t seem to care about their employees’ well-being. They claimed that management would prioritize efficiency over safety, leading to dangerous working conditions. They also alleged that management would retaliate against workers who spoke out about safety concerns or other issues.

“If you want to have a personal life it’s not a place you want to work,” he tells viewers. “I mean you literally have to sacrifice your personal life to do a job. And I feel like any time you have to sacrifice your personal life to do a job, it’s not worth it.”

“And you can make a lot of money working for this company. But it’s not always about the money,” he shares. “My thing is, if you decide to work for this company, there are some things you might want to research prior to starting. You know, when you’re going through that application process.”

“There’s some things that you might want to know before you even start moving in that direction. And guess what, they’re not gonna tell you. They’re not gonna put it on the website, the people in the office are not gonna tell you,” he says. “They might give you little bits and pieces, but they’re not gonna give you all the details. But guess what, I’ll tell you. Let me put it to you like this: this is a situation where the cons definitely outweigh the pros.”

Another problem the former worker mentioned was the lack of job security. They said that USPS was constantly cutting positions and closing facilities, leading to a sense of instability and uncertainty among employees. They also noted that the job could be very isolating, as they often worked alone and didn’t have much interaction with coworkers.

Overall, the former USPS worker concluded that the negatives of the job outweighed the positives and that they wouldn’t recommend it to others. They encouraged anyone considering a job with USPS to carefully weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

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