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Frost & Sullivan Awards Oro, Inc. With Its 2017 New Product Innovation Award

Frost & Sullivan, a leading international business consulting firm that provides market analysis and research, awards Oro for its influential B2B eCommerce solution. OroCommerce was officially launched in January 2017 as an open source eCommerce technology company that offers fully integrated CRM system.

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Frost & Sullivan annually presents the award for B2B eCommerce Innovation to outstanding companies who excel in product innovation and uses leading-edge technologies to propose solutions to today’s business challenges. The award also acknowledges the features and benefits of the product and its positive effect on a business’s return on investment (ROI).

“A simplified deployment process is important to potential customers… Our analysis found that a complicated process is a key restraint for organizations in adopting B2B platforms. In a nutshell, the platform must be scalable, configurable, and interoperable with different systems. OroCommerce provides the market with just that while further extending its reach through technology partnerships,” Melody Siefken, Frost & Sullivan, North America Digital Media Team.

All businesses need constant innovation

OroCommerce platform integrates with other third-party resolutions, providing businesses with custom-built features and capabilities designed for rapid implementation and ease of use.


OroCommerce was ranked by Frost & Sullivan as the leading eCommerce platform compared to other enterprise platform vendors such as Oracle, IBM, and SAP Hybris. According to News Center, at least 60 to 80 percent of the OroCommerce features and capabilities were designed according to each customer’s business needs.

OroCommerce was created by Oro, Inc. to provide alternative solutions with B2B eCommerce features designed to provide solutions to modern business needs. It was founded by three former Magento executives including Jary Carter, Yoav Kutner, and Dima Soroka.

Magento is considered as the biggest global eCommerce platform until eBay bought it for at least $180 million in 2011. After Magento’s procurement, the rest of the former executives created Oro, Inc., to cater to the growing demands of the B2B eCommerce market.

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