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GE Healthcare’s Novel Approach to social media

GE Healthcare divided a 30-minute documentary into 60-second clips for social media. This innovative approach to tell a story about three women who are bringing healthcare to their countries is a novel approach to adjust to usage patterns on social media.

The company went as far as creating an Instagram account for the thirty individual 60-second clips to promote the entire documentary.

In just one week, the videos had more than 250,000 views, 80,000 likes and 400 bookmarks on Instagram. GE plans to release the full video on Facebook later in the month and is also using Twitter to promote the entire series.


GE Healthcare took a 30-minute video and adjusted it for social media consumption. Instead of just posting a 30-minute of video on YouTube, GE gets a lot of exposure mileage from this one video with the clips, delayed full-length release and twitter updates.

In essence, it created a “marketing campaign” re-purposing one video into smaller segments. Very clever approach!

Could you create a 5-minute use case video showing five different ways how a consumer benefits from your product? Instead of posting the complete 5-minute video, how about creating six days of content to promote one product in segments?

Each day’s release the of the 60 second video clip could highlight a single use case. On the sixth day, it would all tie together with the full-length version.

By utilizing all forms of social media to promote this one product in different ways, this style campaign provides unique content for a whole week.

This strategy seems perfect for new products.


GE Healthcare shows by example how they adapted for the shorter attention span and heavy mobile use by consumers.

A recent study found the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to around eight seconds today. This reduction is attributed to the increase in the use of smartphones.

The study did not make a direct link to social media. But smartphones are a driving force in social media consumption.

The correlation is pretty obvious and must be considered in any marketing campaign.

Now that we live in a world were Goldfish have a marginally longer attention span (9 seconds), marketing must adjust for this reality.

As you plan your next campaign, think of new and innovate ways how you can market your product more effectively.

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