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German Shoppers Not Swayed By Discount Codes

Germans aren’t big spenders; they are in fact very frugal. Although they love to shop like everyone else, they see to it that they get a good bargain.

However, a new study from, a platform for discount coupons, reveals that few German shoppers use voucher or promotional codes when shopping online.

The company’s survey of 1,500 consumers from the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, showed that only 30% of Germans rely on vouchers. This is relatively small as compared to 40% of Americans and 50% of French people who look for coupons before buying anything online.

Coupon codes are even more popular in Italy and Spain, where 70% of Italians and 60% of Spaniards use them regularly.

“Our survey results show that Germans rarely shop online and do not use discount codes very often, the main reason being that there are no coupons for many products, but also many respondents, mainly about companies and their newsletters. As a result, we conclude that many Germans would shop online more frequently if they can save on it, so we recommend companies with online shops in Germany to lure their potential customers through coupon codes and thus turn them into active buyers.” – Hans Kern, Founder,

Unavailability of coupons

Even if they want to save money on their online purchases by taking advantage of discount coupons, 42% of Germans polled by said there are hardly any of these available for the products they want to buy.

couponsOn the other hand, 28% of the respondents said they don’t know where to find such codes
online, while 21% of them have no idea how to gain access to these.

The report also shared different ways German shoppers try to obtain promotional codes; 38% of the respondents learn about them through a retailer’s website or newsletter, 27% of them search for the coupons themselves, while 26% say they receive a discount code when buying a different item.

Aside from rarely using discount coupons, Germans seldom buy stuff online, added Offercode’s report. Unlike the Americans, Brits, and Italians, who shop frequently on eCommerce sites in a given month, 54% of German consumers say they shop online at least once a month.

This is all relative however as German marketplaces such as the eBay and Amazon are both on the larger scale for the respective global businesses, with turnover consistently being in the top 5 around the world.

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