GLIDE’s annual eBay for Charity Auction for a Power Lunch with Warren Buffett, sold to the highest bidder for a $4,567,888.

The record-breaking sale coincides with the 20th anniversary of the legendary auction, which to date has provided over $30 million to support GLIDE’s comprehensive suite of social services that help San Francisco’s most vulnerable residents.

Bidding for this year’s eBay charity auction opened at 7:30 pm PDT on Sunday, May 26, and closed at 7:30 p.m. PDT on Friday, May 31. The bidding started at $25,000.

“GLIDE has done tremendous work to alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty and marginalization in San Francisco. We are incredibly proud that this year’s Power Lunch with Warren has broken our all-time record of funds raised”

“eBay’s portfolio of programs and resources for non-profits enable and inspire charitable giving around the world and we’re thrilled to partner with Warren Buffett and GLIDE on this important effort.”

eBay’s President and CEO Devin Wenig

Over the past 19 years, the winning bids have ranged from $25,000 (prior to eBay’s involvement) to the highest bid of $4,567,888. Last year’s bid was $3,300,100. Funds raised go directly to support GLIDE’s programs. eBay hosted the auction for the 17th year in a row.

“Getting eBay involved changed the experience from a very local lunch to a worldwide lunch. We’ve not only raised money together, but I’ve been able to meet very interesting people from all over the world. The one universal characteristic with all the winners is that they have a good time and feel like they’ve gotten their money’s worth.”

Warren Buffett

For over 50 years, GLIDE has stood with the most vulnerable, including the poor and marginalized, those with illness, people of color, immigrants.

GLIDE remains a place for all in need to find a warm meal, access to healthcare and shelter, childcare and family services, and someone to advocate for them. GLIDE serves roughly 750,000 free meals a year.


Building on the 50-year legacy of Co-Founders Rev. Cecil Williams and Janice Mirikitani, GLIDE challenges inequities and stands with the poor, people of color, LGBTQ persons, and others facing oppression, isolation and stigma, while offering a holistic, integrated model of programs and services to address the complex needs of the community.

Today, under the leadership of President and CEO Karen Hanrahan, GLIDE continues to deepen its impact and extend its reach to thousands of people in need.

Through comprehensive services, fearless advocacy and spiritual connection, GLIDE remains a powerful beacon of hope for a healthier, more just and inclusive city.

For more information, visit

Twitter: @GLIDEsf
Instagram: @GLIDEsf

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