Gmail Android App now allows you to send and request money by email


Google announced today they have added the ability to send and request money via email using their Gmail app on Android.

This expands a previous functionality already available from the web version of Gmail and is a definitive shot across the bow from Google over many of its rivals offering similar mobile P2P payment services because no separate payment app is required for this feature.

Recipients can arrange the money to add to their Google Wallet balance or go directly into their bank account. Either way, it’s completely free for both sender and receiver.

The service does not require a Gmail address and the added Android Gmail function is currently available only in the U.S. Other markets are expected to be added soon.

Also, no word yet on an IOS version, but again this should be in the works as well.


For eCommerce sellers there really isn’t any major breakthrough here except this shows that Google is serious about payment.

As more funds are stored in Google’s cloud (Wallet), could this lead to a revival of a Google Checkout service?

Paypal holds about $15 billion in customer funds which helps fuel adaption as more users have ready to spend money in their account.

If Google can start accumulating serious ready to spend funds with various payment services that collect them, there is no reason to believe they may not reintroduce an eCommerce checkout function.

What do you think, would you like to see Google get back into the checkout business?

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