New Goldin Marketplace Goes After eBay With Launch of Online Collectibles Auctions Platform for Everyone

Goldin, the high-end collectibles auction house, is heading mainstream with its newly launched Goldin Marketplace. The company was founded in 2012 by sports collectibles auction pioneer Ken Goldin and has been a trusted destination for high-end collectors ever since.

Two years ago, founder Ken Goldin sold the company to Collectors Holdings, a global investment group led by venture capital investor Nat Turner, New York Mets owner Steven Cohen, and hedge fund billionaire Dan Sundheim.

Goldin joined other Collectors Holdings properties which include leading authentication and grading services PSA (trading cards and memorabilia), PCGS (coins and currency), and WATA (video games and pop culture).

With the launch of the Goldin Marketplace, the company is poised to immediately offer a trusted marketplace for collectors of any size to buy and sell collectibles including trading cards, pop-culture and historical items, video games, VHS tapes, toys and more.

Goldin Marketplace – One Stop Shop For Any Sized Collector

This puts the Golding Marketplace in direct competition with eBay’s latest strategic business direction which includes authentication for trading cards (through PSA ironically) and services such as the eBay Vault.

The Goldin Marketplace builds on the company’s industry-leading auctions and integrates authentication and grading services from PSA to provide a superior collecting experience, creating the only true one-stop-shop platform for collectors to research, grade, buy, sell, vault and insure items seamlessly.

From grading to shipping to listing and finding a buyer, the new Marketplace streamlines the selling process for sellers of any size.

Sellers only need to ship their collectibles once to Goldin, or they can choose to have their cards sold at Goldin directly after being graded at PSA in just one click.

With Goldin’s new marketplace, buyers will be able to make offers and purchase cards and other collectibles instantly for the first time in the company’s history.

Additionally, Goldin is launching new buying options for smaller collectors, including weekly auctions with items starting at just $5.

With these new additions, Goldin is increasing accessibility and liquidity to the hobby for collectors unable to participate in Goldin’s monthly Elite auctions, which feature higher-end items often valued at $5,000 or more.

In other words, the new features should bring new collectors to the hobby. which can enter at a lower price point to learn the business.

And by using the Goldin Marketplace, sellers of all sizes can trust they will be paid promptly as buyers are vetted ahead of time.

Buyers can trust they will get the item they pay for because everything is authenticated and shipped directly from Goldin and PSA’s team of experts or choose to instantly vault their items, keeping them safe, secure and available to be listed for sale immediately at any time.

“There are too many pain points in collecting today,” said Goldin CEO Ross Hoffman.

“From authentication and grading, to listing, selling, communicating with buyers, getting paid and then shipping again. We want to take the work out of collecting and allow collectors to focus more on what they love.

“By integrating all of our services and capabilities into one platform, the Goldin Marketplace is creating the easiest, safest, most trusted way to enjoy collecting.

“Collecting should be fun, and by eliminating friction we’re making it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.”

The Goldin always-on marketplace is now open for individuals to consign and purchase items. Collectors can also now list items for Goldin’s weekly auctions as well.

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