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Competition is necessary in any industry. Without it, companies would be complacent to the point of coming out with sub-standard products. That cannot be said of either Google or Amazon. However, their competition goes into a whole new level as Google uses YouTube as some leverage over Amazon.

Amazon has been mostly open when it comes to products found on its sites. Mostly though, as some products don’t seem to make it there for whatever reason.

Some of those are the Google products.  Maybe due to the direct competition between the Google Home and Amazon Echo.

The Google and Amazon feud

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Because of this, Google has pulled support for YouTube for Amazon Echo Show owners. This has been going on since September, but has recently escalated even more.

“Amazon doesn’t carry Google products like Chromecast and Google Home, doesn’t make Prime Video available for Google Cast users, and last month stopped selling some of Nest’s latest products,” Google Statement

The statement goes on that because of this lack of reciprocity, support for YouTube would no longer be available for Amazon Echo Show owners as well as those who have FireTV. Google did say that it hopes to reach an agreement with Amazon over the issue.

For its part, Amazon has also responded to Google. In its own statement, Amazon has said that

“Google is setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open site.” Amazon Statement

The competition will likely continue further unless both sides make a compromise, something which so far is not seen coming from either side.

How it will impact consumers remains to be seen, though certainly its impact will be a negative one for consumers as a whole coming from both sides.

With the holiday season in full swing, such disputes could impact sales on devices coming from both Google and Amazon.

Do you think the competition between Google and Amazon will escalate even further? Leave your thoughts below.

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  1. Google needs to watch their step with things like this or they’re almost definitely gonna end up breaking some sort of anti-monopoly law. Or if not, then at the very least they’ll start catching flack and people will start calling for them to be broken up – it’s already happening thanks to all the tech censorship stuff that’s been happening.

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