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Google Axes ‘Buy on Google’ Program – Effective September 26, 2023

Google announced that its marketplace-like program called ‘Buy on Google’ will come to an end on September 26, 2023.

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This U.S.-based program allowed sellers to directly sell their products on Google Search and the Shopping tab without any commission fees. They were also able to use their preferred third-party payment providers for processing payments.

Google did not provide a specific reason for discontinuing the program. However, since it was a free service, it is likely that this decision is part of the company’s efforts to streamline or close down certain programs or divisions due to soft digital advertising sales.

Recently, Google also revealed that it is integrating the marketing division of Waze into its Geo organization, which also includes Google Maps and Google Earth, further consolidating its mapping and routing brands under one roof.

The silver lining is that merchants on YouTube will still have access to the Buy on Google feature even after September 26. This presents an interesting opportunity for those who have not utilized YouTube as a platform to market their brands or products.

Google launched the commission free Buy on Google program in mid-2020.

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