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With Google launching its redesigned Google Pay app in the U.S., the company is making additional changes to the Google Pay program. Here are the details for users with a Google Pay payments account.

Effective April 5th, 2021, the following features will no longer be available from the old app and at

  • Ability to send, request or receive money.
  • View of recent activity or transaction history.
  • Access to or transfer of any remaining balance. Users can still transfer their balance at any time by using the new Google Pay app or through customer support.

Also, Google is consolidating multiple Terms of Service agreements into one, and starting on April 5th, a new Terms of Service will apply for payment accounts which will:

  • Add new terms for merchant interactions, rewards, and insights.
  • Combine Google’s existing U.S. Payments Terms of Service with its Google Pay Terms of Service.
  • Revise the minimum user age for Google Pay.
  • Remove provisions specific to Google Play gift cards (which going forward, will only be covered by the Google Play Gift Card Terms of Service).
  • Provide that certain services previously provided to you by Google Payment Corp. (GPC) will be provided by Google LLC, including the transfer of a user’s payments profile from GPC to Google LLC.

Google Pay users do not have to take any action as these new Terms of Service will automatically take effect starting on April 5th.

These new Terms of Service will also apply to users immediately when users download the new Google Pay app. Users who do not wish to agree with these new Terms of Service must stop using Google’s payment services.

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