FedEx Operation Fly Formula

The US Government Calls on FedEx To Help With Operation Fly Formula


Yesterday on Sunday the 22nd of May, the first airlift of formula arrived in the U.S. and was greeted by FedEx Express staff, following an unprecedented shortage that has hit the nation with young families being unable to source baby formula.

The formula shortage stems from September 2021 when an infant was diagnosed with a potentially fatal Cronobacter bacteria from formula that was produced in an Abbots factory in Michigan. After allegations came out of poor sanitation in the factory, a number of products were recalled and the plant shut down. Whilst no trace of Cronobacter or Salmonella was found at the plant, the damage had been done. Abbot’s is responsible for over 40% of formula milk in the US which has led to a shortage across the country.

On Thursday the Senate passed a bill called the “Access to Baby Formula Act” Which led to a plane landing in the US from Europe carrying 35 tonnes of baby formula to help ease the shortage.

FedEx Network To The Rescue

FedEx Express team members were on hand to offload and transport the shipment to its destination. FedEx has a long history of using its global network to provide relief when it is needed.  The courier company will remain engaged with the U.S. administration and agencies to provide logistics and transportation support as needed.

“We at FedEx are honored to be called on to use our network in support of this important mission with the U.S. Government,”

“The lack of access to formula is impacting babies and families across the country, and we are proud to support the distribution of these critical items to deliver hope to those in need.”

Richard W. Smith, President and CEO-elect, FedEx Express.

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