Growing Concerns About UPS Union Workers May Reject New Labor Contract

In June, UPS and the union that represents package delivery drivers, handlers, and workers at UPS announced a tentative deal on a new 5-year contract.

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And in July it was announced that UPS also reached a tentative new labor contract with its freight division drivers.

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In the meantime, supplemental local contracts have been agreed to as well and the entire package of national and local contract is currently up for a vote by the membership.

The deadline for voting is October 5th 8:00 PM EST, and the results will be announced that evening.

Pushback From Local Leaders

But stories have emerged over the last month suggestion there is significant pushback from local membership on the details of the tentative agreements.

Specially, one of the most contentious issue is a new classification of parcel driver that would allow UPS to hire drivers at a lower rate.

While the national leadership is still pushing for a Yes vote, the voices from local leadership are very different.

What If No?

The big question appears to be what happens if the membership votes No on the contract.

Besides escalating the internal conflict between national and local leadership, could there be a late-year strike that impacts the holiday season? This all seems unclear at the moment.

For now, small business owners that rely on UPS for shipments should at least know that there is a potential complication brewing.

If there is a No Vote on Friday, next week might be a good time to consider shipping alternatives should a strike be called.

A No vote does not mean an automatic strike, but considering the troubled relationship between national and local union leadership, small business owners should be prepared.

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