Happy Returns by PayPal

Happy Returns by PayPal Partners with Staples US Retail

Happy Returns by PayPal, today announced a new partnership with Staples US Retail to offer Happy Returns’ in-person return service in more than 1,000 Staples retail locations across the country. Starting in select states, and expanding throughout October, online shoppers from Happy Returns’ fast-growing list of merchant partners will now be able to return products in person at many Staples retail locations for an immediate refund or exchange without a box or label.

By offering compelling returns software and more efficient reverse logistics, Happy Returns by PayPal enables merchants to improve the shopper return experience, help lower the cost of returns, and reduce the environmental impact of return shipping.

Happy Returns by PayPal Revolutionizing Returns

American consumers returned $428 billion of goods in 2020, with almost a quarter being for eCommerce returns(1). With over 10 percent of purchases being returned(2), the frequency is driving consumers to find solutions that suit their needs, and many are prioritizing in-person return options. The new Happy Returns by PayPal partnership with Staples US Retail increases the number of Return Bars to over 3,800 locations. With the Staples expansion, 75 percent of Americans now live within a 10-mile radius of a Happy Returns location(3), making it even more accessible for an in-person returns experience.

“Returns are an essential part of the shopping experience, particularly for online retail, and shoppers overwhelmingly prefer to return box free in person rather than deal with the hassle and wait of returns by mail,”

“Our partnership with Staples US Retail significantly increases the availability of in-person drop off points for online shoppers and gives retailers a more cost-effective way to manage their reverse logistics.”

David Sobie, Vice President, Happy Returns.

“The way in which consumers shop and return items is fast-changing and we are excited to partner with Happy Returns by PayPal to better support shoppers and merchants in need of comprehensive and convenient return solutions,”

“Staples is a destination for all things shipping, especially for small businesses and remote workers. This partnership is a natural fit for us and we look forward to Staples retail locations becoming destinations for simple in-person return options.”

Craig Grayson, Vice President, Print & Marketing Services, Staples US Retail.

Shoppers begin the returns on the merchants’ websites or at HappyReturns.com and receive a QR code. They then bring the items only—no box or receipt required—plus the QR code to a Staples retail to complete the return. A typical return takes less than a minute; returns are approved in real-time and Happy Returns by PayPal initiates refunds and exchanges immediately in most cases. Returns from multiple merchants are aggregated together into a single shipment in a reusable tote, reducing the shipping cost for all the merchants, and increasing the sustainability of the process by eliminating cardboard.

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  2. National Retail Federation and Appriss 2020 Retail Returns Report, January 2021.
  3. Based on analysis of 2019 Census tract population data

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