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New HubSpot Payments Solution Enables B2B Merchants Help Deliver a Better Buying Experience

HubSpot launches open beta for HubSpot Payments, an end-to-end payment solution built to deliver a more delightful and connected buyer experience.

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Integrated natively into the HubSpot CRM platform, HubSpot Payments enables businesses to accept payments securely and seamlessly using fewer tools and in less time. 

Today’s B2B buyers expect frictionless, digital buying experiences that are equal to those of B2C ecommerce, facilitating secure payments in the shortest possible time. However, most companies still use outdated payment methods that are inefficient and clunky.

According to Gartner, 77% of B2B buyers found their latest purchase complicated or challenging. A friction-filled sales process leads to longer purchase processes and more friction for customers, not to mention lost revenue. This is true for B2B and B2C online commerce.

HubSpot Payments is built directly into HubSpot CRM, so companies can easily accept digital payments without writing code or using complicated integrations.

Using digital payments instead of paper checks allows companies to eliminate manual, error-prone processes and get paid faster. This also simplifies and makes it easier for customers to order and pay, since they can use any payment method of their choice.

The same seamless experience will be provided to customers regardless of whether the sale is touchless or rep-assisted. HubSpot Payments integrates natively with a business’s website, reports, automation, and CRM. 

“For too long, B2B companies have suffered through painful sales processes that leave customers frustrated and lost revenue on the table. That’s why we’ve built HubSpot Payments to enhance the customer experience rather than slow it down. Because Payments is part of the HubSpot CRM platform, companies are able to collect payments in less time and with fewer tools, creating a more seamless experience for their customers. That’s a win-win for both our customers and the companies they serve.”

Brad Greene, VP of commerce and payments at HubSpot

HubSpot Payments supports all major credit cards and ACH payments, enabling businesses to utilize the payment methods that are best suited to their businesses.

To make it easy for customers to get setup, HubSpot is waiving the first $50,000 in ACH transactions each month processed via HubSpot Payments.

Other Key Features of HubSpot Payments Include

  • Payment links, a unique, native URL that streamlines the payments process with fewer steps for sellers and buyers. Links work out of the box with deals, workflows, reporting, forms, and analytics. Payment links can be embedded on a website or shared in email, chat, or quotes, making it easier for customers to conduct one-time sales and manage payments within HubSpot.
  • Recurring payments, which allow customers to sell memberships, set up retainers, take ongoing donations, and more. Recurring payments are also available as an object in the HubSpot CRM, giving customers the ability to customize their processes as needed.
  • A native integration with HubSpot’s quotes feature in Sales Hub, allowing companies to get paid immediately when their customer accepts the quote. This eliminates the need to chase down payments and deposits after the customer has signed, saving precious time for sales teams, and reducing friction for buyers. Companies can also connect with other popular finance integrations to create a full view of the customer from quote to cash.

The HubSpot Payments feature is powered by Stripe, a HubSpot partner since 2018. Stripe’s best-in-class infrastructure is built natively into HubSpot’s CRM so fast-growing businesses can accept payments from their customers. 

“HubSpot and Stripe are helping companies scale by providing tools that deliver better customer experiences and power their growth. Today’s launch is another milestone in delivering a more connected and contextualized experience for businesses that want their payments and CRM to move as seamlessly as they do. By connecting our tools natively in HubSpot, we’re taking our partnership to the next level so more customers can benefit.”  

Jeanne Grosser, head of Americas revenue and growth at Stripe

HubSpot Payments is currently in beta release and is available for US customers only. Interested customers can sign up to be notified when the product is available here.

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