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Study Finds That Humans Lean on Their Dogs to Relieve Stress

The holiday season can be a stressful time for everyone. According to BarkBox’s most recent survey, several people find comfort by spending quality time with their dog amidst the stress that comes with holiday demands and longer visits with their extended family.

According to the study, at least 85 percent of dog owners can’t imagine the holidays without their pup and almost 74 percent say that their most memorable holiday involves their dog. Millennials who own a dog are even more extreme, with at least one in every six-dog owner say that they have a matching outfit with their dog.

However, dog owners do encounter some occasional challenges during the holiday. Almost 30 percent say that their dog has destroyed a décor or even a holiday gift while 29 percent say that their pup has either urinated on or knocked over the Christmas tree.

Therapy animals during holiday season

“It’s very heartwarming when people are across the lobby at a gate waiting, and you see them smile, simply when they see the dogs coming down their way” Laura Landman BARC volunteer

Sacramento International Airport recently had stress-relief dogs on hand on Nov.22 to relive the holiday stress. According to Fox 40, 30 therapy dogs with the airport’s Boarding Area Relaxation Corps (BARC) will be on duty all season long.

service dogs

This isn’t the first time that airports hired puppies’ help to relieve travel stress. Harrisburg airport recently hired Susquehanna Service Dogs to share some holiday cheer with their passengers. The week-old puppies are being trained to help people living with physical and psychiatric frailties, so the intimate interaction provides them with a learning.

It helps them get socialized and have them experience sounds and hugs in different ways. Seventeen puppies took part in the activity, ABC27 wrote.

Do you believe that having a dog relieves stress? Comment down below and share your own experiences.

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