These days, a job just does not cut it. Especially if you like to spoil yourself a bit. As they say, money makes the world go round, and there is never enough of that. Not to mention that creeping anxiety that questions whether everything will be fine in terms of your financial stability. Generating passive income, even just a little bit, is becoming a trend, especially among those who are tech-savvy. If you are not that certain about things in your life or if you are simply looking to add more to your funds, this article is meant for you.

Print on demand

You might be wondering why this one is in the list, to begin with. Well, the answer is quite simple. After you build a website and start to receive some steady traffic, it becomes a passive source of income. Printify website is one of the best sites if you are eager to learn more about print on demand and its advantages.

Real estate

While it does come down to your current assets and how much you are willing to invest, real estate is always a good bet. It would appear that the prices for rent are going up again, and this is a worldwide phenomenon. If you can get in the game of real estate, you should not hesitate and invest as soon as possible.

Drop shipping

The print on demand method which was mentioned before is a bit similar to this one. Drop shipping is the best if you are looking to make as much money as possible. It is better than a regular e-shop because you do not have to worry about things like inventory. And once your website starts to sell, you will need to spend only a few hours every week or so to make sure that everything is smooth. Also, do check out this Oberlo review by ProfitIndustry as it one of the best, if not the best current tools to connect sellers with suppliers.

Book writing

It takes skills, yes. However, with Amazon’s self-publishing program, everybody can become an author. If you invest enough into marketing your book, you will have the greatest source of passive income. After all, once you write it, that will be it. And people will continue to buy it long after the initial release date.

Niche website

Prepare to research some keywords and rank them on a website by writing relevant articles. The lower the competition, the easier it will be to receive organic traffic. Once things start to roll, you can introduce ads or other means to monetize the page. Note that free hosting will not work, so some initial are mandatory.

Develop a game

Steam has a lot of indie games that look simple on the surface. However, once you start to play them, you realize how good they are. Mobile games and browser games are also popular. Again, this one demands a lot of work and skills. But like with the book example, as long as people play it, you are guaranteed to make money.

Affiliate marketing

There are a lot of stories floating around when it comes to affiliate marketing. Despite all that it continues to be one of the best methods at the moment. The biggest problem is finding a niche which is not too difficult to rank and which has products that are worth promoting. Amazon and ClickBank both offer a plethora of those, but you should be aware that the competition will be tough on most of them. That is why researching is one of the crucial parts if you want to succeed.

YouTube videos

Some videos on YouTube date back to as late as 2004. Yet they still continue to receive views, and the channel owners still receive royalties. Going viral is the best, and if your content is popular, you can expect to make a lot of money. And who knows, maybe you will end up in a situation where YouTube will become your sole source of income.

Passive money will always be appreciated, no matter how great or terrible your financial situation is. If you are willing to learn and do your best even when things do not go your way, these methods are perfect.

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