The Important Ranking Factors For Google

SEO today has become important in ranking websites. This has become critical especially with many sites who want to be ranked high in search engines.

Gone are the days of cheating Google as they have adapted their algorithm over the years.  SEO though is just one factor in having a site rank. There are other factors which are just as important, and which site developers should note.

The 6 most important factors to consider

  1. Create Quality Content

Content is perhaps the greatest factor in any site. Content is what people would look for in any site. A site that has good quality content would have people coming back to it over one without. Developers then should see to it that the site has quality content which would make people return to it.

  1. Optimized Keywords

This is part of SEO itself. Keyword optimization would do much to have a site rank high up. These keywords should be relevant both to the topic and to the site itself so as to have search engines give it a high ranking.

  1. The Site Must Be Easy To Crawl

An important factor is that the site must be seen in the first place by search engines. A site that cannot be crawled won’t have a high ranking, even if it has quality content. For a site to be crawled properly, it has to be structured well for search engine bots to find it.  Google webmaster tools can help with this.

  1. Decrease Loading Time

Loading time is a critical factor for many sites. Back in the days of dial-up, loading time may not have been as important as the connection on the customers side was slow. Now with DSL and Fiber broadband, loading time is much more of an issue as any hosting speed issue with your site will become much more apparent to your site visitors.

  1. The Site Should Be Optimised For Different Devices

With smartphones and tablets now some of the primary devices for online search, sites need to have mobile responsive versions. A site that cannot be accessed for smartphones or has no version specifically for mobile will be penalised by search engines and affect overall ranking.

  1. The Site Is Trustworthy

Trust is an important component on any site. A site that is trusted by people would be visited often. This is especially true for business sites and those that offer goods or services.  Ensuring your site is covered by an SSL certificate is now super important when dealing with site ranking.

Ranking today is crucial for any eCommerce website. With these factors taken into consideration, you give your website the best chance of ranking high in any search engine.

Do you tick all of the boxes above? Or have any questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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