Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 the photo sharing platform has gone from strength to strength.

Now it looks like Instagram’s big step forward in 2017 will be to expand it’s influence in the world of eCommerce.

Back in November, Instagram trialed a pilot program with 20 accounts where they enabled an Instagram shopping feature.

They started with some of their largest retail brands on the platform including Kate Spade, J. Crew, JackThreads and Warby Parker.

After a successful trial Instagram have announced this week that they will be rolling out this feature to more apparel, jewelry and beauty brands.

Good news for buyers & sellers

Instagram recently reported that it has hit 400 million daily active users, many of whom are potential prospective customers of yours.

It turns Instagram from being a network traditionally used for inspiration into one where the ability to purchase is just a few clicks away.

Aside from increasing your sales, the shopping feature also gives you access to Instagram Insights which provides crucial information that will help improve your marketing strategy.

Instagram Insights records your followers based on their demographic factors; it also shows you which of your posts draw their interest the most.

Obviously it is still early days and for the time being the eCommerce feature is still very much a gated invitation only feature, but if the initial pilot is anything to go off, then an open Instagram marketplace could not be far behind.

Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

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