Internet Down Explosion

At 11:15 am GMT on Tuesday 8th June many high profile and high traffic websites are not online with web pages showing messages like ‘Fatal Connection error’ causing the Twitter hashtag Internet Down to start trending in the UK and Europe.

Some of the affected websites include the UK government website, Amazon, Spotify, Paypal, Reddit, Twitch, Netflix, Pinterest and the largest high street UK chemist Boots (Owned by the same company that also have Walgreens) down

Speculation at this early stage is that the outage has been caused by an Amazon Web Service (AWS) crash. Due to the time difference, this is currently affecting the UK and Europe most but it is alleged that this is a worldwide outage and could be affecting the US in the next few hours if it is not resolved by then.

boots connection failure

It is unclear at this time whether this is an accidental internal issue or a more malicious hack attempt of the AWS servers.

This has the potential to massively impact businesses around the world as it is also rumoured that online payment gateways, not just PayPal are affected and impacting the ability for people to pay online.

If this does not get rectified soon we will keep you updated throughout the day as ‘Internet Down’ develops.

*Update* – 12:04pm GMT

Fastly a cloud computing services provider mostly known for their CDN (Content Delivery Network) has acknowledged a fault with their service which could be responsible.

They have updated their current status on this website here:

To keep up to date with downtimes on your favorite websites you can also use Downdetector here:

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