journey hijacking

Online eCommerce faces a new threat that could eventually impact the effort that they put into the customer experience. Journey Hijacking diverts shoppers by putting off-brand content on a retail site, disrupting the customer’s online shopping experience and even lure traffic to their competitor sites.

How Can Your Journey Be Hijacked?

Online journey hijacking uses malware to attack its target sites with unauthorized product ads and links. It’s a new way to put in ads for affiliate marketing.

Users who use a device that has the malware will see banners, in-text ads, and pop-ups that are layered on top of the site that they’re visiting to lure them elsewhere.

The malware is specially programmed to circumvent server-side web security systems, which lets the ads work unnoticed. Only the user who has an infected device can see it.

“Every site has pop-ups, and there’s a lot going on… These ads can blend into the noise,”  Jason LeBoeuf, Asics, Director of eCommerce.

How to regain control of customers’ shopping experience

The last thing that an eCommerce retailer wants to see is that its customers are being allured from its competitor sites, affecting their overall customer experience. To prevent journey hijacking, executives should start recognizing its impact to regain its control over their shopper’s online journey.

journey hacking

Retailers should also start understanding what percentage of their shoppers’ page views have unauthorized ads and which pages are more likely to include such ads.

Implementing journey-hijack preventive solutions can effectively reduce the effects of journey hijacking and might even win back at least 90 percent of the retailer’s stolen revenue.

Namogoo, a startup company that offers alternative solutions to combat journey hijacking estimates that at least 15 to 20 percent of web sessions are affected by this form of ad injection.

Namogoo’s system neutralizes the effects of malware on an infected user’s device, effectively blocking it from damaging the site’s user experience.

Have you heard of journey hacking before, and if so is it something you are worried about?

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