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Law Firm Investigating Wenig’s $57 Million Exit Compensation From eBay

New York law firm Wolf Popper LLP announced it is investigating potential claims against members of the board of directors of eBay Inc., concerning the harassment campaign against a blogger and her husband that led a Massachusetts U.S. attorney’s office to charge six former eBay executives and employees with various crimes.

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The firm said its investigation also includes the payment of a $57 million exit package to the Company’s former CEO, Devin Wenig, despite being dismissed, at least in part, because of eBay’s internal investigation into the cyberstalking affair.

According to Carl Stine, a partner at Wolf Popper LLP, “The payment by the Company of $57 million to Wenig is outrageous considering his potential role in these activities.”

While there doesn’t appear to be evidence that ties Wenig criminally to the cyberstalking campaign today, Wolf Popper LLP seems to be asking the question of why the board would pay Wenig the full exit compensation without knowing the result of the criminal investigation.

This investigation is a civil matter and has not impact on the criminal case.

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