ShippingEasy educational email marketing series

ShippingEasy has launched a FREE seven-part educational series ecommerce sellers of all sizes can use to become an expert email marketer in just one week.

They designed the series to educate ecommerce sellers on how to generate more revenue and drive traffic back to their website. The series covers:

  • Learn the best practices in email marketing
  • Discover how to create beautiful and effective email marketing campaigns
  • Effectively segment audiences to get the best results.

Subscribers to the ShippingEasy’s series will receive one email per day for seven days, each with an actionable lesson in email marketing.

“Email is still one of the most successful channels for e-commerce sellers, but many do not use emails strategically enough to meet customer expectations. ShippingEasy’s free email marketing educational series will help online sellers meet or exceed customer expectations and compete in the e-commerce space.”

Chris Vaughn, ShippingEasy’s VP of Marketing

Consumers spend more via email

Email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social.

Consumers who make purchases via email spend 138% more, leading to a $44 return on every dollar invested in email marketing.

ShippingEasy’s free educational series on email marketing will help ecommerce sellers capture that return on investment and keep customers in a crucial marketing channel.

By the end of this new series, subscribers will have a firm grasp on how to successfully create segmented email campaigns that are personalized to recipients, and track results.

The series culminates with a reusable checklist to make sure subscribers can repeat the lessons as needed or train new staff with the series.

Ecommerce sellers of all sizes interested in this free education series, can subscribe by clicking here.

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