Report: Linnworks Internal Restructure Affecting Jobs Across the Company

Reports are surfacing across social media platforms that Linnworks has undergone some internal restructuring which has resulted in a number of redundancies across the business.

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Whilst there has been no official announcement from Linnworks about any restructure, and therefore the reasons behind it, there have been status updates from former employees who are now looking for work opportunities post redundancy.

Whilst we are not in the business of speculation, it wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility that Linnworks have fallen victim to a similar situation that Shopify announced a few weeks earlier.

Should Linnworks Customers Be Concerned?

In short, at this time we believe the answer is no. Linnworks is a well-established business and just like Shopify, it sounds like they have taken the necessary tough actions in order to guarantee business continuity.

As inflation continues and talks of recession get louder and louder, chances are we will see more businesses across all industries having to make these tough decisions in order to lower business expenses.

However last week Linnworks did post their July 2022 release notes documenting all of the latest product updates that happened in July.

With that said, it would be nice to hear from Linnworks directly to calm any potential worry that sellers that use Linnworks may have regarding the news that has leaked regarding restructuring, especially at the current state of the market.

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