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Macy’s Searched More By Consumers For Q3 2017

The holiday season is near, and what that means is there are more people shopping online. People would expect that Amazon would be the most searched site when it comes to shopping. However, that is not the case for Q3 of 2017.

For the third quarter, Macy’s has been the one leading in online search. Amazon is still in the top 10, though it has gone down to third place. Second most searched site would be Nordstrom. This has been according to a report made by Conductor.

High Street stores are still relevant!

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Macy’s top position might have to do with the coming winter. Macy’s and Nordstrom have winter clothing and wear, and both have large shares in that market. Other retailers that are part of the top 10 include JC Penny, Target and Kohl’s. People also have taken interest in Wikipedia as well as Pinterest, the report shows.

A small percentage make up the “Others” category. This category is made up of brands that do not consistently hold the market share. Going into the winter season, most likely Macy’s and Nordstrom will hold their positions before 2018. Amazon though is never far behind, and could take back the lead by the first quarter next year.

Video marketing seems to have also become more prominent. The report has noted that YouTube is the place where many consumers are going to find information. This shows that there is already a strong and growing demand for video marketing.

Big brands also dominate. Local brands do not make up much of the results. This indicates then that big brands still lead the way when it comes to consumer products. It would be an uphill climb then for local products to go up against nationally known products.

The report overall shows that consumer attitudes have not changed much despite the internet. With the internet, many have hoped that smaller brands would be noticed, but bigger brands still dominate consumer market share.

With the report, how could smaller brands compete against large, established brands? Leave your comments below.

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