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Sydney, Australia – (February 22, 2018) – Magento Commerce, the worldwide leader in cloud digital commerce innovation, today announced the addition of sales channel capabilities, so that merchants can more simply and cost-effectively manage inventory on Amazon directly from Magento Commerce.

Merchants will benefit from powerful listing tools that direct product distribution and visibility, provide detailed competitor reporting, and generate pricing recommendations, all designed to increase sales revenue.

Since the launch of Amazon Australia, shopping traffic has risen by 90 percent to over 14 million visitors. As Amazon continues to command greater share of online retail sales, merchants are increasingly adopting strategies to grow sales on third-party marketplaces.

In a recent Magento study, 92 percent of merchants surveyed said that they expect to grow their Amazon sales channel revenue over the next twelve months.

“With more than half of all consumers starting product searches directly on marketplaces like Amazon, this is a tremendous opportunity for merchants to help consumers discover their brand and buy their products…This enhanced capability from Magento helps merchants simplify the listing process, and measure the value gained from this important channel.”  Mark Lavelle, CEO of Magento Commerce

The new Magento sales channel capability allows merchants to quickly and seamlessly sell through the Amazon Marketplace using these features:

Product Distribution:

  • Leverage Amazon’s extensive catalog data for storefront enhancements such as advanced search, filtered navigation, and promotional rules;
  • Automatically match products and list them across Amazon’s North American, APAC, and European marketplaces;
  • Utilize advanced marketing tools to manage listings across marketplaces and increase sales by enhancing a listing’s urgency;
  • Take advantage of centralized order management to synchronize order status, tracking information, customer data, and cancellations;

Pricing Strategy:

  • Access detailed reporting on competitor pricing and use tools designed to increase product visibility and sales;
  • Deploy custom repricing tools to keep pricing competitive;
  • Utilize marketing tools such as the Amazon Strikethrough Price to enhance listings and increase sales;

“Consumers want to buy where and when it’s most convenient for them…We are seeing a lot of excitement and demand from Magento merchants to make marketplaces a part of their integrated sales channel approach. This new capability is integrated into the core platform and provides a powerful toolset to drive results in channels like Amazon.” Jeff Finkelstein, Founder of Customer Paradigm.

The new capability will be more broadly available for all merchants on Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source version 2 later this year.

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